Roberts Creek Community Legacy Garden

Our Emerging Teaching and Demonstration Garden…

Read about the The Roberts Creek Community Legacy Garden in the Coast Reporter.

The Roberts Creek Community Legacy Garden will be an educational hub where organic food will be grown, small-scale growing practices will be demonstrated, and hands-on educational opportunities will be provided for both the school and broader community. Novice gardeners and children will have the opportunity to work and learn alongside more experienced people. The community at large and the school community will be partners in the visioning and design of the garden components and will be actively engaged in its construction and maintenance.

Location: The garden space is located on a level site, approximately 1/4 acre in size, adjacent to Roberts Creek Community Elementary School playground on School District (SD) 46 property. Members of the community and students of RC Elementary School will transform the property from an empty lot dominated by invasive species, into a vibrant community gathering space for teaching and demonstrating a variety of gardening activities.

The Need: In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in organic, home grown food. There is awareness that as a ferry dependent community, we have a particular need to ensure a degree of local food sovereignty and independence. A number of different groups on the Sunshine Coast focus on food security and food sustainability issues.


Major Partners

  • Roberts Creek Community School
  • The Sunshine Coast Community Foundation
  • Sunshine Coast School District 46
  • Sunshine Coast Regional District

Business & Community Sponsors

  • BC Hydro
  • Fleming Tree Experts
  • Sunshine Mobile Milling
  • Bennett Land Surveying
  • Cloutier Holdings Inc.
  • Evergreen Landscaping
  • Second Nature Design
  • Pratt Heavy Equipment Rentals
  • Small World Excavating
  • Salish Soils
  • Grayco Disposal
  • Beach Botanica
  • Periplum Garden Construction & Design
  • Gaia’s Guild
  • RCES Parent Advisory Committee
  • Gibsons Building Supplies
  • Kurt Klischuk

Design Team: Larry Popowich, Periplum Garden Construction & Design, Dana Wilson, Gaia’s Guild
Steering Committee: RC Elementary Principal & staff, RCCS Coordinator, parents, community experts.

How do I get involved? Contact Sheila Wilson ( or Joanne Harrington (

Planning Mind Maps

Pavilion Drawing

Garden Design

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