MindUP Training


The research-based MindUP™ program offers engaging, science-based and easy to implement lessons to help students develop the essential social and emotional skills they need to be more engaged in learning.

MindUP™ was developed by The Hawn Foundation in collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners in neuroscience, positive psychology, and social emotional learning, and piloted and tested by school educators. Students participating in MindUP™ showed significant decreases in aggression and behavioral problems and improved self-esteem, self-management, and optimism.

MindUP™ has four main goals: to foster mindful focused awareness; to increase positive human qualities, such as empathy, perspective-taking, helpfulness and kindness; to increase optimism and well-being; and to foster a cohesive, caring classroom climate that enhances learning.

For information on the next workshop, Contact Stacia Leech at mindthegap@eastlink.ca or 604-885-3481

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