Meet Our Instructors

Sheila Wilson

Sheila Wilson coordinates and delivers the ROE program here on the Sunshine Coast. As a former elementary school teacher and a mother, Sheila recognizes the value of the program and works closely with her classroom teachers to maximize the impact of the ROE work. Sheila loves making connections with the students.

Catherine Pedretti

One of my greatest joys is being on/in the water; ocean, lake, bathtub. Since moving to the west coast of BC, many days are spent by the sea both as a solitary escape and a social gathering.
—Catherine Pedretti

Christie Woodin

Christie Woodin was a Roots of Empathy mom back in 2001 with her first baby and then again in 2004 with her second. She was so impressed with the program that she later took the training and has now been delivering Roots at RCCES for the past four years. Christie really enjoys her time in the classroom getting to know the students, moms and babies, alike.

Paola Stewart

Paola Stewart moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1996, has raised 3 girls and is very family and community-minded. Actively involved with local service groups and schools, Paola enjoys learning new skills and relaxing in the outdoors- mostly hiking and running. She joyfully spends her days keeping Pender Harbour an amazing place to live, one program at a time. Paola believes that an active and involved community is a healthy community in mind, body, soul and spirit! It is never too late to change your lifestyle!

Patty Shields

Patty Shields hails from rural Northern Alberta. The fall of 2010 found her family : husband Pat, daughter Ainsley, and dog, Max moved to the Sunshine Coast, where she has become totally smitten with the West Coast, still feeling like she's living in a summer holiday. A teaching background supports her involvement in PAC, DPAC, Sechelt, Community School, and now ROE. "Love grows brains!"

Suzanne Strom

Suzanne is a SD 46 teacher and school counsellor with a keen professional interest in the areas of mindfulness and brain development. Living on the Sunshine Coast has allowed Suzanne to do what she loves – bike, hike and ski in the beautiful outdoors. She has enjoyed getting to know this vibrant community over the past five years.

Kate Cree

Kate Cree is a counsellor for School District 46 in three schools and delivers Roots of Empathy at Halfmoon Bay Elementary. Kate has experienced the program from both sides, as she and her son Julien participated as a Roots of Empathy Family a few years ago.

Emily Davies

Emily Davies has been living on the Sunshine Coast for the last four years and loves her job as an elementary school counsellor. She is excited about delivering the Roots of Empathy program at Langdale Elementary.

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