Thanks to recent donors! We are currently in need of materials and a dump truck

We are pleased to have the SCRD Building Permit for our outdoor pavilion now on-file and in-process. A huge thanks to Will Richardson and Dale Allenback of Sunco Civil Engineering, who combined efforts to engineer and certify the design of the pavilion. We hope to begin building this month and will be looking for skilled and unskilled volunteers.
Thanks to all of the recent volunteer work and donations, including the promise of crusher dust from Elphinstone Aggregates. We are so grateful to receive sufficient cedar logs for posts and ample cedar boards for the living roof decking from Beach Avenue residents Don & Marguerite McGregor.

We are currently looking for a dump truck to deliver 2 loads of crusher dust to the Roberts Creek Road location and are in need of wood chips for the garden beds (to add to Fleming Tree Experts offer) and paths. We are also trying to find either a donation or a discount on living roof materials: pond liner to act as a root barrier, filter cloth, a drain layer, and suitable soil. If you have any of the above materials; if you would like to be on our mailing/volunteer list; or if you are in a position to financially support the garden, please contact Sheila Wilson at [email protected] . Thank you for any and all support!

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