Schools Out!

Survey for Grades 4-7

Schools Out! Grade 6/7 Transition Program

This Sunshine Coast-wide initiative supports grade 7 students as they transition from elementary to high school through well-supported sports, cultural, arts and social emotional learning programs. Our Social Emotional Learning Navigators support the mental health of youth, particularly those at risk, through activities and strategies that build resilience and develop healthy peer-to-peer and student-to-significant adult relationships. With expert-led programming based in secondary schools, grade 7 students have the opportunity to become familiar with the high school setting and structure and to engage with high school staff and peer mentors. Some of the offerings to date have included pottery, fine arts, watercolours, cooperative games and fibre arts.

Students and staff follow Public Health recommendations and comprehensive Safety Plans & Protocols in all locations. Enrolment is limited to 12, and winter and spring sessions run for 8 weeks. Students can be registered through your Sunshine Coast Community School.

Parent Support

We are further pleased to offer online workshops for parents to support their children’s transition to high school.

Future Leaders

Local high school students are hired to build their own capacity and to support grade 7 Schools Out! participants transition to high school. This is an excellent opportunity for high school students to expand important skill sets and to enhance resumes for future scholarships, university entrance, and employment opportunities. Grade 10/11 students are invited to apply in the fall. Contact [email protected] .  Job description can be found here.

Roberts Creek and Cedar Grove Programs

To register for Cedar Grove or Roberts Creek programming, contact [email protected].

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