Sunshine Coast RoE Families

Testimonials from Former Sunshine Coast Roots Of Empathy Families

Emily Doyle and Baby Hazel

Hazel was born in Sechelt on August 8, 2015. She is our first baby and we are thrilled to be a part of the Roots of Empathy program in the Grade 4 class at Cedar Grove Elementary. Watching the kids in the class experience some of the wonder and joy of getting to know a little baby grow and develop has been really rewarding.

Kate Cree and baby Julien (and Dad!)

Julien was born July 25th.
We have been doing the Roots of Empathy program at Kinnickinnick Elementary School with Mr Pond's grade 3 class. Julien seems to enjoy the experience and especially likes it when the students sing to him.

Baby Caelyn and Brother

Caelyn was born June 14, 2015, and was our Roots of Empathy Baby in Mrs. Forsyth’s K/1 class @ Madeira Park Elementary. Caelyn has a two year old brother who was a ROE Baby in 2013!

Virginia Bowen & Baby Bronwyn

Bronwyn graced a family of boys on August 13, 2015. Her older brothers, Shae (age 4) and Oliver (almost 3) were very excited to welcome their baby sister into their world. Bronwyn enjoys sitting as the centre of attention in Mrs. McGillivray's class room at Roberts Creek Elementary School and is even starting to recognize some of the faces she sees in the class.

Nadine Coombes and baby Anaïs

Every visit we do in the classroom is magical and so there are many special moments that we have enjoyed. During the last visit though, I was thrilled and touched to observe that for the first time, every one of the students chose to touch Anaïs feet during the "good-bye" song. Several students had not been ready to touch her little feet yet. As well, I found it quite special that Anaïs arrived asleep and continued sleeping (she felt very loved and comfortable) on the green blanket until half way through the visit.

Dane Buryniuk and Siblings

Dane is our third child and we have enjoyed sharing his development with the class at Halfmoon Bay Elementary. Our oldest child was fortunate enough to participate in the Roots of Empathy program during grade 2 and we were pleased to be able to be involved from the "other side". I think the best part of the experience is celebrating his growth through the eyes of other children. It has been wonderful to slow down and really observe him with the class; we have been able to notice so many details that may have otherwise been overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a busy family. This has been such a fun year!

Kassandra Stinchcombe and baby Quinn

Quinn was born July 14, 2015. She has a mom, dad, and big brother Silas that love her very much. Quinn has a personality that always brightens up a room. She turns heads with her smile and quirky little giggle wherever we go!
We love sharing her personality and time with Ms. Taylors grade one class at Halfmoon Bay. It has been equally rewarding to both the class and us. Thank you!

Michelle Lewis and baby River

"Baby River and I loved being a part of Roots of Empathy! He would get so excited seeing all the kindergarten students' smiling faces. The Roots of Empathy Welcome and Good Bye songs are favourites at our house to soothe River whenever he is upset. Thank you for this unique and special opportunity; I highly recommend it to anyone interested."

Nicole Atkinson and baby Eli

Julie Clark and baby Lars

It's been our pleasure to get to know Ms Kopeck's class at Gibsons Elementary through the Roots of Empathy program. At each visit, the students of Ms Kopeck's class have been so curious and excited to celebrate 'what Lars can do now.' Many of the students have younger siblings who are near to the same age as Lars - it has been amazing to see how the kindergarten students easily relate to a baby, and want to share their own stories of their brothers and sisters at home. Lars clearly loves the visit with the kids; he is (almost!) all smiles on the green carpet. Many thanks to the students, Ms. Kopeck and Catherine Pedretti for inviting us to participate!

Eva Kurz and baby Nicholas

The Roots of Empathy is a great program! I first became familiar with the program when my son had a Roots baby come to his class. He loved the program so much that when his brother was born, he wanted Nicholas to be a Roots baby too.
Nicholas became the Roots of Empathy baby for his sister’s class. This allowed Nicholas to join field trips, local walks, and certain class activities. The children were curious. They observed him and asked a lot of questions on their own time, which was great! I believe this made it extra special for the class, Nicholas, and his sister Malia.
Older brother Carter has been through the program before and has been a huge help with his little brother, is aware of his feelings & needs and always shows empathy towards Nicholas and others. I have noticed Malia herself has benefitted from the program as well.
Our ROE Instructor Patty was great - so kind and welcoming. We all had so much fun; I can't believe the program and the year is coming to an end. Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in the Roots of Empathy Program. It's been a great joy!

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