Mindfulness Enhanced Strengthening Families Programs

Mindfulness Enhanced Strengthening Families Programs

The course (for parents, and youth aged 11-14) includes short lectures, videos, discussions, skills practice, fun learning games, family projects and at-home practice designed to:

  • Strengthen Parenting Skills
  • Build Family Strengths
  • Build Teen Resiliency


  • Using Love and Limits
  • Using Empathy - Parent to Youth and Youth to Parents
  • Rules / Responsibilities to reach goals
  • Expressing appreciation to family members
  • Open and Clear Communication, Links to community resources

Roberts Creek Parents had the following so say about a recent offering of the course: "Loved it. So good for our family." "I'm seeing my child in a new way." "Facilitators were excellent"

The program runs free of charge and childcare is provided for younger siblings

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