Strengthening Families Program

For the first time on the S.C. Secondary School parents will have the opportunity to participate in this highly acclaimed, skills-building curriculum designed for families and youth aged 11– 14.

Strengthening Families Program has the best track record in reducing youth drug and alcohol use reports the World Health Organization  after conducting a meta-analysis study of 6,000 prevention programs.

The course includes short lectures, videos, discussions, skills practice, fun learning games, family projects and at home practice designed to:

  • Strengthen Parenting Skills
  • Build Family Strengths
  • Building Teen Resiliency

Core themes include- Using Love & Limits; Using Empathy- Parent to Youth and Youth to Parent; Rules / Responsibilities to reach goals; Expressing appreciation to family members; Open & Clear communication, Links community resources.

Information session takes place on September 29 th

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